My addiction to escorts cost me thousands

I’ve long visited escorts and fell in love with doing so. While there is, of course, a real benefit to being in a committed and loving relationship, it is not for everyone and certainly not for me. While dating women can get you laid, there are so many women out there that I have never come across in the places I frequent, but whom I have enjoyed as escorts. Of course there is a real cost of using escorts and I have spent thousands doing so, but it was money well spent for me.

Sampling the Women of the World
Escorts Service
Visiting escorts allow you to sample women from all over the world and this was one of the major attractions of using an escort for me. I was able to experience women from parts of the world that I had never traveled to before and this was a major attraction of using escorts for me. Mexican, European, Asian, African women – I’ve slept with them all and I feel as if I experienced a bit of their cultures in this most intimate act.

This variety went beyond their ethnicity. I was able to sleep with women who looked like the girl next door, as well as heavily tattooed women. This variety allowed me the ability to experience a vast number of women and fulfill many different fantasies that I would never have been able to otherwise be with.

Women Out of My League

Once I made my way sampling a variety of women from around the world, I stepped up my game and started to choose women out of my league. In my late 40’s I was visiting escort women in their early twenties, the prime of life, and they were quite beautiful and breathtaking. Some of the escort services have VIP Escorts who are incredibly beautiful and enticing and will treat you like a king fulfilling every fantasy that you have. These VIP Escorts can cost a pretty penny and are best used occasionally, but can be a wonderful reward for yourself.

Vegas Escort Services

One of the best places to head to is Las Vegas. Since Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that has legalized prostitution, many escorts and johns both flock to the major city in the state, Las Vegas, for these services. As a result, Las Vegas has one of the greatest varieties of escorts out there which allows you to have a greater selection to choose from. One can never get tired of the variety they have available. Las Vegas escorts are also relatively reasonably priced despite the high quality level due to the competition that escorts face. Vegas Escort Services have women that are even regularly tested for STDs and the process is safer than what you may experience in other locations around the world. If you are looking for an escort there are few parts of the world which are better choices than Las Vegas and you should start your search here.

The Financial Cost of Escorts

Escorts are, of course, not free and they can be one of the most expensive habits out there if you get hooked, like I did. Over time, I learned to have a few girls who I remained loyal to and spent much of my time visiting. My frequency in visiting them resulted in me getting heavily discounted rates. However, there was no obligation to see them and I was able to sample other escorts when I felt like it. I even developed a relationship with an escort agency in Las Vegas who alerted me to many of the best Las Vegas escorts that were new to the industry and just getting into the escort industry. This let me lower my costs when visiting escorts and getting girls who were some of the freshest faces. Still, even with these discounts visiting escorts cost me thousands of dollars when visiting them.

While I like to romanticize my time visiting escorts, it was expensive to visit them.
I am hesitant to even think of the cost of visiting them. It surely cost me at least a $100,000 over a decade of visiting them. While this may seem significant to someone who has never partaken in escort services, the money for me was well spent. I’ll have memories and experiences that I will take to my grave and the escort services allowed me to experience women that I would never have been able to otherwise have been with.