Dumb Things That Divide Americans

Throughout American history there have been many issues that have divided its citizens from race, to abortion, and even government assistance programs. While some issues are important others are simple just silly to fight over. Here are some of the dumb issues that divide Americans: political parties, healthcare programs, and education. Political parties are simply just a way to divide people by their belief systems but that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with one party entirely or that you can only side with the party that you identify most with. Most people believe some of what both parties represent but when it comes time for elections many Americans start to freak out and even attack those that are in a different political party but may otherwise be their friend. In the end we are all entitled to our own beliefs but in a country that was based on freedom why should we attack each other because of those beliefs over something as simple as not aligning with the same party. In the recent elections people have seen how violent people can be just over political differences. Though differences can cause argument which is understandable there is no reason for it to ever become violent over a political party.
Another issue that seems to get Americans worked up is the healthcare system. While some Americans want healthcare to go back to the way it was completely private where insurance was up to the insurance companies and admittedly premiums were a lot lower. However some want the current mandatory healthcare to stay the same and some want to take even further to have healthcare socialized. With all of those solutions to healthcare there are plenty of problems to address with all of them healthcare is expensive and we all have to pay for it one way or another. When it comes to having health insurance completely private and up to the companies the problem that many Americans faced was due to bad health they couldn’t get health insurance or their company dropped them because they saw them as a liability. But then there is the current health insurance situation where it is mandatory to have it or you get fined at the end of the year. However the problem is that the healthcare is so expensive that no one can afford it not to mention all the money that it is costing in extra taxes making it almost impossible for the average American to have it still. But of course then there is socialized healthcare and with that taxes go through the roof and in order to get the treatment you may need in time if it is a lifesaving treatment you still have to have private insurance to get it done. Overall the cost of healthcare is on the rise but the divide in Americans over the subject has gotten out of hand because either one doesn’t completely understand the programs or is the simple problem everyone has which is one can only see what is best for them and people like them.
Furthermore education has and probably will always be a huge debate many complain that while the budgets are getting cut for schools the students suffer and end up getting second rate education. Others complain that students get passed on when they shouldn’t and end up getting left behind and slipping through the cracks. Then there is the college debate on whether or not it is worth going to college anymore with the rise in cost of college and the fact that most college students are graduating college with a mountain of debt and no job in the field that they went to school for. Many are even going to back to college for another degree getting into more debt to find a job in a field of their degree that pays that kind of income that they want to make. Then of course back to the argument about price the debt students are graduating with isn’t a problem they have for a year or two this is debt that is following most students all the way into adulthood past the time their parents were at when they bought house. The debt that students graduate with are causes them to delay families and not have kids, houses or if they do have it to struggle for most of their adult life as some people even have student loan debt of their own when their children go to college. The debates are never ending and the reactions that people have to them is blown out of proportion a lot of the time but those are some of the dumb things that divide Americans.