Dumb Things That Divide Americans

Throughout American history there have been many issues that have divided its citizens from race, to abortion, and even government assistance programs. While some issues are important others are simple just silly to fight over. Here are some of the dumb issues that divide Americans: political parties, healthcare programs, and education. Political parties are simply just a way to divide people by their belief systems but that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with one party entirely or that you can only side with the party that you identify most with. Most people believe some of what both parties represent but when it comes time for elections many Americans start to freak out and even attack those that are in a different political party but may otherwise be their friend. In the end we are all entitled to our own beliefs but in a country that was based on freedom why should we attack each other because of those beliefs over something as simple as not aligning with the same party. In the recent elections people have seen how violent people can be just over political differences. Though differences can cause argument which is understandable there is no reason for it to ever become violent over a political party.
Another issue that seems to get Americans worked up is the healthcare system. While some Americans want healthcare to go back to the way it was completely private where insurance was up to the insurance companies and admittedly premiums were a lot lower. However some want the current mandatory healthcare to stay the same and some want to take even further to have healthcare socialized. With all of those solutions to healthcare there are plenty of problems to address with all of them healthcare is expensive and we all have to pay for it one way or another. When it comes to having health insurance completely private and up to the companies the problem that many Americans faced was due to bad health they couldn’t get health insurance or their company dropped them because they saw them as a liability. But then there is the current health insurance situation where it is mandatory to have it or you get fined at the end of the year. However the problem is that the healthcare is so expensive that no one can afford it not to mention all the money that it is costing in extra taxes making it almost impossible for the average American to have it still. But of course then there is socialized healthcare and with that taxes go through the roof and in order to get the treatment you may need in time if it is a lifesaving treatment you still have to have private insurance to get it done. Overall the cost of healthcare is on the rise but the divide in Americans over the subject has gotten out of hand because either one doesn’t completely understand the programs or is the simple problem everyone has which is one can only see what is best for them and people like them.
Furthermore education has and probably will always be a huge debate many complain that while the budgets are getting cut for schools the students suffer and end up getting second rate education. Others complain that students get passed on when they shouldn’t and end up getting left behind and slipping through the cracks. Then there is the college debate on whether or not it is worth going to college anymore with the rise in cost of college and the fact that most college students are graduating college with a mountain of debt and no job in the field that they went to school for. Many are even going to back to college for another degree getting into more debt to find a job in a field of their degree that pays that kind of income that they want to make. Then of course back to the argument about price the debt students are graduating with isn’t a problem they have for a year or two this is debt that is following most students all the way into adulthood past the time their parents were at when they bought house. The debt that students graduate with are causes them to delay families and not have kids, houses or if they do have it to struggle for most of their adult life as some people even have student loan debt of their own when their children go to college. The debates are never ending and the reactions that people have to them is blown out of proportion a lot of the time but those are some of the dumb things that divide Americans.


Undoubtedly, American Education System is great in many aspects, however, it has several problems that need to be looked into. According to a recent ranking done by the U.S News, American Education System is ranked seventh globally. From the ranking, it is clear that America can do more to ensure the pupils and students do receive a quality education in their schools. Below are some of the problems that America schools are currently facing.
Lack of Adequate Funds
The inadequacy of funds is so obvious and evident in many schools across the country, for instance, most of the schools do not have current version textbooks because of budget cuts. Due to lack of funding, they are forced to give the students outdated textbooks that contain incorrect information, also, most of these textbooks are usually in terrible conditions. The inadequacy of funds does not only affect textbooks only, in some schools you are likely to find music and art classes being excluded from the curriculum since the schools cannot get funds to support the programs. Exclusion of such classes may have a severe impact on the quality of education being offered in the schools since the children are denied a chance to learn things that may potentially change their life in future. It is worrying that as a country we may be hindering future artists and musicians from achieving their goals and visions of becoming great artists because our schools are unable to fund the classes where these children can develop their talents and skills.
Bullying is another problem the American Education System face, it is known that children who have experienced bullying have high chances of experiencing long-term psychological impact. It is saddening to note that bullying is very rampant and severe to those children who are enrolled in nation’s school systems. Bullying has become worse in today’s age since it is not only done in school but also in homes, through the use of social media, bullying is nowadays spilled over to home life. Kids that are being bullied are likely to show traits such as anxiety, stress and if it continues for long they may develop depression. Some people may argue that this is a problem that is easy to deal with but note the problem has persisted in American Education System for a very long time.
Generally the population of America is growing, and for this reason, most schools across the country are having more students enroll than the school can accommodate. For this reason, the resources and time allocated in these schools are overstretched. It has become hard for many students to strive since they do not get one on one attention. Of course, we cannot blame it on the teacher since they are in charge of many students and have to give each student attention. Overcrowding can result in other problems, for instance, many schools are unable to buy books for the growing number of students, also overcrowding can result to bullying happening in the school without the knowledge of the teachers since there are very few teachers who are required to keep an eye at a large number of students. Appropriate steps need to be taken to control the population of these schools since as the population continues to grow the problem will only become worse.
“No Child Left Behind “Program
“No Child Left Behind” is a program that was established by the America government, however, it is a program that has brought several problems to the America Education System. Without no doubt, Obama government did try to make reform but still, the program has changed how the American schools used to work. According to most parents, teachers and students, the “No Child Left Behind” program is not appropriate since it forces the school to “teach for tests”. This has resulted in most schools teaching students how to pass tests instead of learning since nation’s teachers are rated using the test scores. It is clear that school systems have changed for the worse since there is no teaching going on in most schools instead they pay all attention on how to perform on the tests.
As I conclude, it is clear that America Education System is experiencing some problems but there are solutions to these problems, meaning it is time to amend and repair the education system. Remember the children learning under this system are the one to lead America in the years to come and that why it is our responsibility to make sure that they get the best education available. Like we as a country strive to be the best in most fields, let’s do the same in this field too and give the education system the attention it deserves.

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Is The American Educational System in Danger?

Though great in many aspects, the fact that the American Educational System has it’s fair share of problems is undeniable. Currently coming in at #7 in education globally according to a recent U.S. News ranking, it is clear the country could do much to improve the quality of education our children and grandchildren are receiving from their school. But what are some of the problems our schools are facing in today’s age?

The most obvious and glaring issue is funding. Or, more accurately, a lack of it. Across the nation many schools aren’t able to afford to keep current versions textbooks, or even ones in usable condition, due to lack of funding and budget cuts. Instead they’re forced to use already decades-old textbooks that are in terrible condition and often even contain outdated and inaccurate information. It doesn’t stop with textbooks, either. In some schools entire classes, such as music or art, are cut from the curriculum for no reason other than they can’t get the funding they desperately need for these and other programs to continue. This severely dampens the quality of education for children across the country, as they are cut-off from learning something that may potentially be of interest toward them. Who knows how many future artists or musicians are stifled because our schools couldn’t fund the classes where they would have learned and improved these skills.

Lack of funding isn’t the only problem our school systems face. Now more than ever, we understand the long-term psychological impact that bullying can have on children. It is also a problem that has never been worse among the nations children enrolled in the nation’s school systems. And whats worse, in today’s age it doesn’t stop at school- bullying can spill over into home life, through social media platforms and the like. Kids who are the victim of bullying have increased levels of stress, anxiety and can even develop conditions such as depression as a result. It’s a problem that seems like it should be easy to stop, but has persisted for as long as our educational system has existed.

Another problem many schools in America face is overcrowding. With the growing population, there are now more students enrolled in school systems across America than ever before. This has led to stretched resources and time. Many students never recieve the one-on-one attention they need to strive. This is not the fault of the teachers, either, as they are simply spread too thin amongst all the students left in their charge. With so many children to teach, there isn’t enough time in the day for teachers to give every student the amount of one-on-one attention they need to excel. Many times this problem is compounded by other problems, with buying books for a growing student body becoming an issue at many schools. It may also allow bullying to occur unchecked, as there are too many kids for so few teachers to keep an eye on at once. And as the population continues to grow, it will only become more of a problem unless steps are taken to adequately teach and supervise an ever growing student body.

Yet another issue faced by the American Educational System, and arguably one of the most controversial, is the “No Child Left Behind” program set up by the United States government. Although the Obama administration has taken steps towards reform, there is no doubt that it has changed the way our schools work as a whole. Many students, parents and teachers claim that NCLB forces schools to “teach for tests” instead of actually teaching to learn, with test scores in many school districts being used to rate how effective the nations teachers are. The pressure put on schools to perform for testing, and not actually teaching, has changed the way our school systems work for the worse.

And though these and many more issues plague the American Educational System, there is no reason why steps can’t be taken to make amends and begin to repair it. The next generation, the children currently enrolled in these very school systems, are the ones who will lead the nation one day. Is there any reason why they shouldn’t be getting the best possible education available? America has always strove to be the best in everything, and the future of our nation and children should be no different. Ensuring that they get the education they need and deserve should be a top priority for every school system in the country.

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